How Vitamin C, Vitamin D and a Vitamin B Complex can help your immune system

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There’s a myriad of immune support supplements on the market these days. Which is best? That’s exactly why we’ve developed a series of blog posts to explain why ZAMboost is different and how it helps give your body a fighting chance.

So far, we’ve covered Beta Glucan and Lactoferrin. Both of these ingredients have been clinically shown to provide support to your immune system. Beta Glucan is a complex carbohydrate that rallies the body’s “foot soldiers”, the white blood cells, while lactoferrin provides both active and stimulating immune support. Not only does ZAMboost contain this dynamic duo, but both beta glucan and lactoferrin have been dosed at the clinically studied levels.

Today, we’re discussing some of the amazing vitamins found in ZAMboost like Vitamins C and D, as well as the Vitamin B complex found in the ZAMBoost +Energy Boost formula.

Many immune support supplements rely heavily on Vitamin C as a main ingredient. We agree Vitamin C is important. In fact, ZAMboost formulas contains 1000 mgs of Vitamin C.  We believe the strength of Vitamin C lies in its ability to act as a very powerful antioxidant. When our immune system is active, our bodies can come under oxidative stress. Vitamin C plays a key role in protecting our bodies from oxidative stress.

Most of us know the benefits of Vitamin D in relation to bone health and calcium absorption, but did you know Vitamin D plays a key role in our immune health as well? Vitamin D has been shown to be a necessary ingredient in the activation of key cells in our immune system. Without Vitamin D, these key cells (T Cells) remain inactive and cannot perform their role in our immune system function.*

Our ZAMboost +Energy boost formula also includes a Vitamin B complex. When it comes to boosting energy, B vitamins aid in our body’s cellular metabolism and the conversion of stored energy to usable energy. In addition, B vitamins aid in red blood cell production and function.

There are even MORE ingredients found within ZAMboost that provide stellar support, so stay tuned to learn more about those as well. And if you’re interested in the research behind these vitamins, check out this research page.

Check back next week to learn more about rhodiola!


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