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Questions about ZAMboost? We’ve got your answers!

Reaching out to the community and talking with people about ZAMboost is great fun! We’re not only discovering how our immune support supplement positively affects our customers; we’ve also learned a few people have had a question about our product. So we’re answering that query today:  "Is it okay for a person taking prescription medication to use ZAMboost?" We asked a St. Louis area doctor to weigh in. Here’s what Dr. Russell T. Imboden, a doctor who practices in Chesterfield, Mo had to ... Read more

Caught in a storm? Six safety tips

It happens to the best of us. You noticed the menacing-looking clouds in the distance but you ducked out for a walk or a run anyway. You assumed you could beat the storm. You didn't regret this decision until you were pummeled by rain and lightning struck too close for comfort. With the severity of storms the nation has experienced lately, you might have gotten caught in the middle of a lightning-packed downpour as recently as this morning. According to Wild Backpacker, more ... Read more

The power of two, you, and ZAMboost

Batman and Robin. Peanut butter and jelly. Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. There’s something powerful and endearing about winning combinations. While we could spout off countless famous couplings, we’d like to introduce you to a remarkable twosome found in ZAMboost -- one you've probably never heard of. This combination might not be a household name, but trust us. Like Bert and Ernie or ice cream and apple pie, they will be soon. Enter the iron-bonding protein, Lactoferrin and Beta Glucan, a complex carbohydrate. While ... Read more

The Zamboost crew helps race for a cure

Downtown St. Louis was a sea of bright pink the morning of Saturday, June 15. Tens of thousands of people gathered to race for a cure, share stories, and celebrate breast cancer survivors. The event was the 15th annual Susan G Komen St. Louis Race for the Cure. And the ZAMboost crew was on the scene not only to sponsor the event but congregate and honor the 3,500 people who battled the cancer and emerged victorious. With more than 40,000 people registering for ... Read more

Zamboost kicks off the summer at Uncorked festival

  Summertime in The 'Lou is definitely worth celebrating. With ZAMboost making it's debut on the shelves of 40+ Walgreens across St. Louis, Sullivan, Rolla, and Columbia, earlier this month, we couldn't wait to gather together and get our groove on! So when the first of the seasonal fiestas kicked off June 8, the ZAMboost marketing team was out and about to welcome the crowd. The group not only handed out free  samples but ZAMboost t-shirts, sunglasses, and hats. About 10,000 people of ... Read more

New immune support supplement now in St. Louis; ZAMboost created by a local father-daughter team

(Press Release) ZAMboost, an immune support supplement created by a St. Louis father and his daughter, is now on the market. The product can be found on shelves at more than 40 Walgreens within the St. Louis area, Rolla, Columbia, and Sullivan, Mo. The product, developed by AmPurity Nutraceuticals LLC, is the first complete immune support supplement containing the natural ingredients beta glucan and lactoferrin.* Beta Glucan plays a key supportive role in activating white blood cells within the immune system.* Lactoferrin is ... Read more

Introducing ZAMboost!

Introducing ZAMboost™, the immune support supplement created by AmPurity Nutraceuticals.  ZAMboost is the first comprehensive immune support supplement formulated utilizing lactoferrin and beta glucan. At clinically studied doses, these two key ingredients have been shown by U.S. researchers from world-renowned universities to boost components of the cellular immune system. These, along with a proprietary immuno-blend, give your body a fighting chance by providing key antioxidants and vitamins. On June 1st, 2013, ZAMboost is launching in 41 Missouri Walgreens stores in St. Louis, ... Read more
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