What’s inside a ZAMboost capsule? The scoop on Lactoferrin

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HandFlip_1Have you ever wondered what’s in those supplements you’re popping? Or even what the ingredients in those supplements are supposed to do? We have. That’s why we want to show you what ZAMboost is made of and some of the reasons we’re different from so many other immune support supplements on the market today.

Last week we talked about Beta Glucan, a pretty powerful complex carbohydrate that, according to numerous studies, assists the immune system by rallying the white blood cells or the body’s “foot soldiers.”

Today we’re talking about Lactoferrin, the potent protein that makes ZAMboost so “pretty on the inside.” Lactoferrin has garnered a great deal of praise over the years for its immune supporting prowess.

The word Lactoferrin is taken from lacto (milk) and ferrin (iron). Lactoferrin is an iron-binding protein that is also a component of our innate immune system. It provides both active and stimulatory support to our immune system. While as adults, our bodies produce lactoferrin as part of our innate immune system, the most concentrated amounts of it are found in colostrum, the first milk a woman’s body produces  after having a baby. That said, it is widely believed the lactoferrin in the colostrum is what provides a newborn baby with immune support while the infant’s immune system is developing.

While the Lactoferrin in ZAMboost comes from dairy milk, the purification process is very efficient in yielding a high purity Lactoferrin which is free of carbohydrates and sugars.

There are more ingredients found within ZAMboost that provide stellar support, so stay tuned to learn more about those as well. And if you’re interested in the research behind Lactoferrin, check out this research page.



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