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ZAMboost Everyday Adventure Photo Contest (Week one: On the Go)

You might have heard by now that we're currently running a photo contest. (Details and rules can be found here.) Why did we choose the theme "On the go" to kick off the contest? Because ZAMboost was created for people who are continually on the move. Our supplement is designed to support your immune system so you can maintain that industrious pace you set for yourself each day. Our panel had a tough time deciding which 10 photos to choose. (There may or ... Read more

The ZAMboost Everyday Adventure Photo Contest

It doesn’t stop, this life of yours. You’re in continual motion -- perpetually shifting, shaping, achieving, working, thinking, and doing. That's why we're hosting a photo contest. We want to get a glimpse of you in action, you superhero, you! Your mission? Snap a pic of what “on the go” looks like in your life -- wearing your cape is optional. Enter your photo for the chance win a 5-day supply pack of ZAMboost, a $100 Visa gift card, and goodies from other exciting companies! ... Read more

7 Ways to Support Your Immune System Today!

  Are your kids already in the school-time groove or are you squeezing in a last-minute shopping trip for backpacks and new shoes? Either way, summer is winding down. Soon, we’ll find ourselves in the middle of cold and flu season. Here’s seven quick tips to aid your immune system (as well as your family's) against a germ attack. Serve more fruits and veggies  Carrots, green beans, oranges, and strawberries contain immunity-boosting phytonutrients which may increase the body's production of infection-fighting white blood ... Read more

Inside a ZAMboost +Energy Boost capsule: Rhodiola and Taurine

Think about the supplements you see stacked on retail shelves. What's inside those capsules, tablets, or pills? How do those ingredients benefit you? Today, we're revealing two great components behind the non-caffeinated, focused, energy "boost" found in ZAMboost +Energy Boost formula -- rhodiola rosea and taurine. In previous posts, we've shared the key immune support ingredients found in ZAMboost's Original and +Energy Boost -- beta glucan and lactoferrin. (Beta Glucan is a complex carbohydrate that rallies the body’s “foot soldiers”, the white blood cells, ... Read more

How Vitamin C, Vitamin D and a Vitamin B Complex can help your immune system

There’s a myriad of immune support supplements on the market these days. Which is best? That’s exactly why we’ve developed a series of blog posts to explain why ZAMboost is different and how it helps give your body a fighting chance. So far, we've covered Beta Glucan and Lactoferrin. Both of these ingredients have been clinically shown to provide support to your immune system. Beta Glucan is a complex carbohydrate that rallies the body's "foot soldiers", the white blood cells, while lactoferrin ... Read more

What’s inside a ZAMboost capsule? The scoop on Lactoferrin

Have you ever wondered what’s in those supplements you’re popping? Or even what the ingredients in those supplements are supposed to do? We have. That’s why we want to show you what ZAMboost is made of and some of the reasons we’re different from so many other immune support supplements on the market today. Last week we talked about Beta Glucan, a pretty powerful complex carbohydrate that, according to numerous studies, assists the immune system by rallying the white blood cells or ... Read more

The power of two, you, and ZAMboost

Batman and Robin. Peanut butter and jelly. Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. There’s something powerful and endearing about winning combinations. While we could spout off countless famous couplings, we’d like to introduce you to a remarkable twosome found in ZAMboost -- one you've probably never heard of. This combination might not be a household name, but trust us. Like Bert and Ernie or ice cream and apple pie, they will be soon. Enter the iron-bonding protein, Lactoferrin and Beta Glucan, a complex carbohydrate. While ... Read more

Zamboost kicks off the summer at Uncorked festival

  Summertime in The 'Lou is definitely worth celebrating. With ZAMboost making it's debut on the shelves of 40+ Walgreens across St. Louis, Sullivan, Rolla, and Columbia, earlier this month, we couldn't wait to gather together and get our groove on! So when the first of the seasonal fiestas kicked off June 8, the ZAMboost marketing team was out and about to welcome the crowd. The group not only handed out free  samples but ZAMboost t-shirts, sunglasses, and hats. About 10,000 people of ... Read more