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How It Works

ZAMboost™ towers over other immune support products on the market. Many of the other products rely primarily on anti-oxidants such as Vitamin C to support your immune system. While we appreciate Vitamin C and its capabilities, the team here at ZAMboost, as well as leading researchers, don’t believe that’s the best way to provide your immune system the support it needs to perform at peak efficiency.

Let’s break it down

Swallow the Power-Packed Capsule
Novel Delivery System Gets to the Gut

Here is where that beige capsule comes into play. The vegetarian capsule is specially formulated to survive a swim in your stomach so that it passes through to the gut. It’s here where the capsule dissolves and delivers the ZAMboost formula for rapid absorption. The pill is designed to survive an acid bath in order to complete its mission.

Our Dynamic Duo Goes to Work

Our dynamic duo of Lactoferrin (from dairy milk) and Beta Glucan (from baker’s yeast) along with Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, and many other beneficial fruit and plant extracts help support your immune system in it’s daily quest.‡ Lactoferrin has been credited with providing immune support to newborn babies.‡ While research has shown Beta Glucan calls to arms your white blood cells—the “foot soliders” of the immune system.‡

+Energy Boost Formula Perks You Up

We all know there are times where you just need a little “perk-me-up”—Hello? Mondays? Keeping your immune system in top form takes work. Here’s where our + Energy Boost™ formula can help. ZAMboost uses a proprietary immuno-energy blend that contains B vitamins, Rhodiola Rosea and L-Taurine to enhance energy naturally (no caffeine, no crash).‡ Who knows? Maybe a boost in energy will help you be more productive at work. Then, your boss will take notice and you’ll get a promotion. Then, you’ll come up with a kickin’ PowerPoint® presentation that will land you in the executive suite. (results not typical of this or any dietary supplement).

Benefits of a Strengthened Immune System

So, right about now you’re probably asking yourself, “I already have a healthy immune system. Why do I need support?” We say it’s like this, “Your immune system is like your body’s invisi-shield. It’s there to defend you from the bad guys and promote world peace (well, maybe not the second one). Making sure you supply it with essential proteins and nutrients ensures it won’t let you down in your time of need.”‡

Give your body a fighting chance!