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If you don’t do something first, do it better…

Barbara and Shannon Leinert, a mother daughter duo, were searching for a better nutritional supplement to support Shannon’s immune system while training. You see Shannon is a professional track athlete with aspirations to make the Olympic team. It is well documented that our immune systems can become suppressed during athletic activities and during certain stressful situations. With the help of Barbara’s husband and Shannon’s dad, Pat Leinert Sr. – a research biologist they created ZAMboost™ a better Immune Support Supplement for Shannon, and they now wish to make ZAMboost available to everyone.

With a number of immune support supplements competing in the market today, ZAMboost saves the day by utilizing two game-changing, key ingredients – Lactoferrin and Beta Glucan.*  This “Dynamic Duo” contains two of nature’s most powerful and safe immune system support molecules.*

Break down and reconstruct the formula and you will revolutionize the immune support category.
By harnessing the power of Lactoferrin and Beta Glucan, the ZAMboost team’s immune support formula differentiates itself from others who merely offer vitamin C.